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Two Year Warranty on golf cart and lithium battery
*see FAQ's for details

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Over 1700 satisfied clients from coast to coast! 90% of our sales come via word of mouth referral!


To our clients:
We appreciate your business and thanks for the referrals !!!!


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  Par Caddy Canada Inc.
Family owned and operated since 2007.


Have More Energy Play Better Golf Have More Fun!

Picture this - you hit a nice approach shot that lands on the green.
You pull your putter and leisurely walk towards the green just like the pros.
As you approach you use your remote controller to send your Par Caddy and equipment to the green exit point or the next tee.
You used to dread that walk up the steep hill to the 18th green - not anymore.
Your Par Caddy silently and effortlessly transports your equipment up the hill while you walk easily behind it or have it follow you up the hill.



Par Caddy Canada Inc.
Electric Motorized Golf Carts since 2007
Our business is built on customer service


                                                                                Authorized Reseller

We are now an authorized reseller agent for Axglo Canada Inc. based in Toronto. This means you have two avenues of after sale service and support.
Par Caddy and Axglo direct.
Axglo golf carts are extremely well designed and built using quality components. They are smooth operating, extremely stable on hilly courses, and have proven reliability.
To check out the Axglo catalog of push carts, golf bags and other accessories. Click the Axglo Catalog button on the main menu.
Order online or by telephone from Par Caddy.
Scroll down to see our line of powered follow me and remote controlled carts.
Call Par Caddy to arrange a no-obligation demo in Barrie.

E5 full

X2R full

Axglo E5 follow me

Axglo E3 follow me

Par Caddy XR-10

E5 Demo Video / review

E3 Demo Video

XR10 Details

We currently offer 3 great models
AXGLO follow-me models E5 and E3,
and Par Caddy XR10
All carry a 2 year limited warranty and
outstanding Par Caddy / Axglo customer service.
AXGLO E5 follow me
E5 full
The Axglo Smartphone App allows you to set follow distance from 1-9 metres, indicates main battery charge level, lets you actually control the unit in remote mode, and much more.
Axglo APP
            E3 - E5 Display
Bluetooth screen E3
The E5 folds to an incredibly small footprint - 25" x 16.5" x 14.75"
E5 folded
5 operating modes: Follow me, Remote Control, Power Assist speed control, Remote cruise control, Manual push
Price: $2500.00 plus shipping and applicable tax.
Available in Black or Titanium Grey

AXGLO E3 follow me

Axglo E3











Price: $2100.00 plus shipping and tax.

Full remote control plus follow me modeE3 Remote

Black with red accents or

White with silver accents

E3 folded dimensions:

32.5" x 16.5" x 14.75"


There are 4 main differences between the E3 and E5
1. The E5 has a fold under front wheel assembly which produces a
smaller footprint when folded.
2. The E5 has a control dial front and centre on the handle assembly.
This dial has several functions including: powering the cart on and off, selecting cruise mode and selecting speed while in cruise mode.
3. Color Availability: E5 available in Black or Titanium Grey -
E3 available in Black or White
4. The E5 remote is easier to use with a main light whose colour indicates which mode is currently selected. Blue means standby, Red means lock is on, Green means follow me mode, Yellow means remote control mode.
Is the E5 worth the extra money? E3 users love their E3, but E5 users say their E5 is well worth the extra $$$.

Our basic model available right now is the XR10

Choose the XR10 for proven reliability over a 12 year model history.

Promo price including new 24V lithium battery: $1095.00

Price includes lithium battery and 2 free accessories. Your choice from Umbrella, Scorecard and Drink holders.

Full remote control operation

Click here for XR10 details

X2R full


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1. Online Paypal Shopping Cart System - all major credit cards accepted thru Paypal.

You don't need to open a Paypal account to pay by credit card or debit card.

It's 100% secure, quick and easy. Just click on any "Order" button, then on your province.

You will be taken to the Paypal shopping cart system.

Add your items to the shopping cart then check out when done. 

2. By Telephone - VISA or Mastercard accepted. 

Please call us at 705-770-2828

If we're not available leave a message and we'll return your call promptly.

If you are concerned about ordering over the internet, please rest assured that your order will be processed in a timely and professional manner.

I have been a customer of Par Caddy since 2018. I have found their service, both during the purchase process and especially after purchase, to be exceptional.   Mike’s knowledge of his products and his ability to address just about any issue or question has been a great help. I also greatly appreciated his ability to supply spare parts to keep my unit running.

Bart van Schaayk
Calgary, Alberta

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Please feel free to call, email or txt us - we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Barrie, Ontario Canada

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October 8, 2023

Here's why you should choose
Par Caddy
* In business since 2007
* Over 1.700 satisfied clients from coast to coast
* Exceptional customer service and after-sales support
* Proven reliable equipment - 2 year warranty
* Affordable fair pricing - low overhead = low prices
* Large spare parts inventory in Barrie, ON
* Lithium batteries - longer lasting and lightweight
* Every Par Caddy is bench tested and quality checked prior to shipping - no DOA's

See Before You Buy
Many people ask if we have a showroom where you can see before you buy.
We don't have a fancy showroom but you are more than welcome to visit our facility in Barrie to see what we have to offer before you buy.
If you like what you see you can take it with you. We can accept cash, Visa or MasterCard.
If you decide on an Axglo product we will process your order and it will be shipped to you directly from the Toronto warehouse. You will be required to pay shipping charges from Toronto.
For an appointment please call Mike at 705-770-2828.

Download Parts List
Complete spare parts list with pics and prices for all current and previous Par Caddy X models.
PC1M, Z1, Z2
Click on title above to go to the Parts and Service page. You will see the downloads on the lower right.

If you're in the market for an Electric Motorized Golf Cart,
you've come to the right place!

Par Caddy Canada Inc. has been in the electric walking golf cart business since 2007.

We have over 1700 satisfied clients throughout North America.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service!

Now an Authorized Sales Agent for Axglo Inc. - Follow-me golf carts and accessories