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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What's the deal with the Money Back Guarantee?

A: We're so sure you'll love your new Par Caddy that we offer this no-nonsense Money Back Guarantee that protects us both.

Try out your Par Caddy for a full 14 days. If you want to return it after that then here's how to do it:

1. Email us for a Return Authorization Number (RA#).

2. Ship it back to us via Canada Post Expedited Parcel prepaid in the original box. Please make sure it is packaged the way it arrived - add padding material if necessary to ensure it gets back to us undamaged. Also please ensure all the parts are there. eg. remote controller, scorecard holder etc.

3. As soon as we receive it we'll check it out and as long as it is undamaged and complete we'll refund your purchase price less shipping charges and a 10% restocking charge.  This charge is necessary as we can only sell the returned unit as a refurbished machine. 

This is a FAIR return policy - it protects you and it protects us against frivolous buyers and curiosity seekers. Some other companies offer a full Money Back Guarantee, BUT you have to return the item, UNUSED in the original box - you can't even try it out! So how do you know whether you like it or not - you don't! NO RETURNS AFTER 14 DAYS.

Q. Why buy a Par Caddy?

A. Several reasons.

1. The exercise. If you ride a cart you're not getting much and if you're like me, you need more. If you're pulling or pushing a cart or carrying your bag, you're probably getting tired before the end of your round. Par Caddy gives you the ideal combination of the walking exercise you need without the extra burden of lugging equipment. Also Par Caddy adds a new dimension to your golf game - it's fun to operate!

2. Par Caddy has been in the business since 2007 - unlike some of our competitors, we stock spare parts, and offer quality service and support by telephone or email.

3. Our parts and accessories prices are REASONABLE - some of our competitors charge exorbitant prices for parts and accessories - we don't. We encourage you to do your homework on this before you make a purchase decision.

Q. Why remote control ?

A. With motorized walking carts you have an option of motorized manual carts or fully motorized remote control carts. Manual motorized carts have to be manually steered by the golfer whereas with a remote control you have the freedom to send your cart up to your ball or on to the next tee box. Par Caddy`s allow either mode of operation.

With a manual cart you have to retrace your steps. Say you hit a nice approach shot to a green and it comes up just short. You manually steer your cart to your ball and chip up to the green. Now you have to manually steer your cart and clubs around the green towards the next tee box.

If you have a remote controlled cart, after your chip shot onto the green, you'd simply take your putter from your bag and then using the remote control, send your cart over to the next tee box or to the area where you'll exit the green after putting out.

Remote controlled outsells manual by about 6:1.

Q. Can I use my Par Caddy in manual mode.

A. Absolutely, in fact there are situations when we recommend switching to manual mode. When running close to steep embankments or water hazards, crossing narrow bridges, going up or down steep hills etc. As soon as you're clear of any danger, switch back to full remote.

Q. How can your prices be so low?

A: Don't confuse the low price with poor quality. We buy large quantities directly from the manufacturer. Our manufacturers specialize in motorized golf trolleys, and they have been exporting worldwide for many years. We only sell direct to the end user.  Low overhead allows us to offer you the lowest prices possible.

Q. What about Warranty?


A: Your Par Caddy is parts warranted for one year (2 years 2018 and later models) against defects in materials or workmanship subject to the exclusions below.  The motors are warranted for 2 years. Lithium battery 2 years pro-rated. The warranty begins the day your unit is delivered according to our Fedex / Canada Post records.


Of course the warranty does not cover abuse, normal wear and tear, accidental damage etc. If your Par Caddy needs any parts during the warranty period, we will ship you the required part free of charge, you'll pay only the shipping charges.


Par Caddy's are modular in construction so you can easily change most parts yourself, but if you need help with labor we'll try to recommend someone in your area that can help. Instructions for performing most common service procedures are downloadable from our Tech Support page.


 Warranty Exclusions


Remote Control Transmitter - since this unit is subject to damage from mishandling, dropping, spills, etc., it is warranted to be in perfect working order upon arrival of the cart. If you require a new transmitter at any time later, it will be available for the low price indicated on the Parts and Service page, plus the shipping charge.


Drive Wheels - Covered for defects in material and workmanship, however most wheel problems are caused by the cart hitting something, such as a sprinkler head, curb, tree, hole etc. Accidental damage is NOT covered.


Tire Tread Wear - since we have no control over operating conditions, gravel parking lots, cart paths etc., we cannot warrant wheel tire tread life.


12V or 24V Battery - Lithium 2 years - battery life depends on many factors including operating conditions and quality of care and maintenance provided. Please read your manual for maintenance recommendations.


Service Considerations

Considering the cost of shipping and the relative simplicity of Par Caddy golf carts it really doesn't make sense to ship complete units back and forth for service. 

The Par Caddy's are relatively simple machines. Most repairs can be easily completed by changing out the offending part. 

There are downloadable parts lists for all X and PC models with prices on the Parts & Service page.

Any parts you require will be available from our facility in Barrie, Ontario.

Anyone with the slightest mechanical ability can service their own Par Caddy, or can easily find someone locally who can. Any caddy service facility can service your Par Caddy - we will supply any required parts to the service facility.

We will be pleased to provide service for you but you will be responsible for shipping both ways. If you describe the symptoms of the problem to us, we can tell what the problem is 99% of the time and send you the required parts - eg. ECU (electronic control unit).

We'll work with you until the problem is resolved.


Par Caddy is available only online - it is not sold in stores.

We are the exclusive Canadian importer of Par Caddy and work directly with the manufacturers. There are no middle men - that's how we can keep the prices so low.

All major credit cards and debit cards accepted thru Paypal. You don't need to open a Paypal account to pay by credit card or debit.


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