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Feature Comparison

Model Z1 vs Model XR9 - which is best for me?

(green indicates superior feature in our opinion)


Z1 XR9
Electronics 24V - 4.8 lb. lithium battery 12V - 7.2 lb. lithium battery
Speeds 5 speeds fwd and reverse 9 speeds fwd and reverse
Manual Mode yes - variable speed with memory yes - variable speed with memory
USB port yes - android convertible to Apple IOS Apple IOS standard - convertible to android
Timer button 10-20-30 yards one touch advance 10-20-30 yards one touch advance
Anti-tip assembly Chrome plated steel with 5" urethane wheels - heavy duty and stable Plastic assembly with 3" plastic wheel - medium duty and less stable
Lithium battery LiFeP04 - 24V - 10 amp hours LiFeP04 - 12V - 22 amp hours
Fold and stow Without removing battery Must remove battery first
Remote handset  Protruding antenna - wire loop Internal antenna on circuit board - no wire
Remote control range Approx 50 yards Approx 80 yards
True freewheel mode Yes by adjusting wheel position on axle No - power off to reduce motor resistance
Wheelbase width 26.5 inches - very stable laterally - much better on hilly courses & slopes 23.5 inches - less lateral stability
Front tracking adjust Yes - adjust mechanism on front axle Yes - adjust mechanism on front axle
Handle grips Leather contoured grips Round rubber grips
Responsiveness Very responsive - quick to respond - slightly more difficult to control Less responsive but smoother operation - easier to control but slower to respond
Front Wheel size 6.5 inches OD 5.25 inches OD
Front tire design Smooth surface with convex profile - thick rubber - longer lasting Tread pattern surface - flat profile - thinner rubber - must replace more often
Forward frame design Single pole - stronger design Double pole but smaller tubing
Wiring harness routing Thru reinforced lower pole section Thru non-reinforced lower pole section