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Drink Holder
(Best mounted on the lower pole ass'y just below the upper bag support)

Umbrella Holder
Stainless steel
$24.00 each

Remote Belt Clip

The Par Caddy Remote Belt Clip allows you to attach your remote controller to your belt or pocket. You can securely carry your remote without concern for damage to the antenna or inadvertent pressing of control buttons. Just attach the adhesive backing to the tab and stick it on the back of your remote controller.

The Remote Belt Clip includes two adhesive-backed locking tabs that affix to your remote control. The tab snaps into the spring-loaded swivel belt clip with quick-release button.

Scorecard Holder

Device Holder
for GPS or Smartphone
Sturdy, tight fitting and adjustable.

More Pics

Introducing the 2019 Par Caddy Z1
 New and improved in both performance and reliability
Full remote control operation
2 year warranty

Z1 folded

Z1 widetrack wheelbase

Compare at $1599.00 - Par Caddy bundle price
Cart and Lithium battery: $1399.00
Includes 2 free accessories
plus shipping and applicable tax.


You'll receive an order acknowledgement email within 24 hours of placing your order and a tracking number upon shipment.
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Z1 Description

The Par Caddy Z1 electric trolley is the result of extensive research into existing golf trolley technology with a view to developing a golf trolley without the inherent problems found in many of the current products on the market. These problems include:


1. Instability - the narrow wheelbase of current trolleys makes them unstable especially on hilly courses. They tip over too easily when crossing uneven terrain or negotiating a side slope. This is the number one complaint heard from clients - problem solved!


The Z1 is a full 3" wider than our main competitor's units - huge difference.


2. Premature failure of electronic components. 12V systems require electrical components to carry large amounts of amperage or current. The 25-30 amps of current causes overheating and premature failure of critical components in the controller system. The Z1 uses a 24V system which allows half the amperage to get the same power. Power = voltage x current. That is why the Z1 battery is 24V-10AH as opposed to 12V systems that use a 12V-20AH or higher battery.


3. Weak spots in the trolley frame. The base of the vertical pole in most systems has a weak spot where the wire from the controller enters the cart frame and snakes up to the handle electronics. After a few seasons of flexing up and down the fairways, the vertical pole often breaks at this point and the frame component must be replaced. The Z1 solves this issue by reinforcing the base of the vertical pole. The wire from the controller passes through the reinforced part at the base.


4. Too many operating speeds on the remote system. Current models have 7 or even 9 speeds. Since normal walking pace for most golfers is speed 4 or 5, you need to press the remote forward button 4 or 5 times to get to the walking speed you want. This also causes the preset speed used in the 10-20-30 mode to be too slow. The Z1 solves this issue by using a 5 speed system. Your walking pace will probably be 1 or 2. If you find that 1 is too slow and 2 is too fast, simply issue a speed correction as necessary. This is a good idea anyway as it will reset the timer that will automatically stop the cart if no command has been received in 30-45 seconds (a safety feature designed to prevent losing control)


The Z1 is driven by two independent 200-watt whisper quiet 24V motors. Highly efficient and powerful, these twin motors provide the Par Caddy Z1 with the power required to climb the steepest hills and negotiate difficult terrains. Its high quality aluminum alloy offers a viable alternative to the lightest trolleys, giving the Z1 an incredible balance of light weight and durability.

The user can operate the trolley within 80 yards using the remote control. This remote control features Start, Stop, Forward, Backward, Left Turn, Right Turn, and 5 speed selections. Alternatively, the trolley can also be operated manually with a seamless rheostat (speed control) and cruise control. It can also be pushed effortlessly in freewheel mode, even without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course.

The Z1 is without a doubt one of the most high performance and competitive carts in the global market for motorized golf push carts and it represents what really counts in this market: A Great Balance between Functionality, Performance, Reliability and Value!


Z1 Features & Specifications
  1. Controlled by advanced 24V microelectronics
    Speed control in both manual and remote modes
    5 speeds forward and 5 speeds reverse in remote mode
    Variable speed forward in manual mode (no reverse in manual mode)
    Speed memory in manual mode - one touch resumes previous speed
    Timer button on remote and on handle - approx. 10-20-30 yards
    Power / battery charge indicator light
    Adjustable handle height from 35-45" - T handle on production models
    Rear anti-tip wheel
    Battery: Lithium (LiFeP04) 24V-10AH (5 lb) (rated for 2000 charge / discharge
    cycles). Stainless steel battery platform.
    Weight without battery: 8 kg (18 lb) - among lightest on the market
    Dimensions Folded: 29" x 26.5" x 13.5" with drive wheels and anti-tip removed.
    Length 31 with drive wheels. 36 with anti-tip installed.
    Remote Operating Range: Up to 100 yards depending on terrain & battery strength
    Z1 Motors: Twin 200W high-torque - whisper quiet tubular motors made by Linix (the best in the business)
    Integrated stainless steel gearing 17:1 ratio
    Maximum Load: 32 kg (70 lb)
    Maximum Speed: 12 kph Climbing capability: 30 degrees
    Construction: Lightweight anodized aluminum with stainless steel components
    4-point positive contact drive hub system - quick release
    True freewheel mode by adjusting wheel position on axle
    Replaceable rubber tread on front and rear wheels
    Full function remote controller with on-off switch
    Remote uses 2 AAA batteries
    Advanced water proof ECU (electronic control unit)
    Front wheel tracking adjustment
    Speed limiting downhill braking system


  2. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us - we'll be happy to answer your questions.

    Barrie, Ontario. Canada

    Please feel free to call or txt Mon-Sat - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
    If necessary please leave a message and we'll get back to you promptly.

    Last updated
    May 19, 2019

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