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Par Caddy Refurb Ordering
1. Make note of the refurb unit number you wish to order.
2. Decide on a battery - SLA or Lithium
3. Call Mike at 705-770-2828 to place your order and give credit card info
You'll receive an order acknowledgement email within 24 hours of placing your order and a Fedex tracking number upon shipment.


If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us - we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Barrie, Ontario. Canada

Please feel free to call Mon-Sat - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST

Last updated
June 25, 2017
Par Caddy Refurb Unit # RF037
2014 Model XR6 - full remote operation
Click here for XR6 pdf brochure download

Unit may not be exactly as shown but very close

This unit is a 2014 model recently traded in for the new XR9. The unit has been fully bench tested and is in perfect working order. Unit includes a new XR7 remote control and new ECU controller, bungee cords, new front wheel and tire. Just add battery and go. Standard 90 day Par Caddy refurb warranty.
Refurb Unit RF037 price: $475.00
Price does not include battery, shipping or taxes.
What does "refurb" mean? Refurb units are usually trade-ins from clients who upgraded to more current models. Some are units that were used as demos and can no longer be sold as new units. All units are fully tested on the bench and are not sold unless working perfectly. Refurb units are not re-painted and will show some cosmetic imperfections such as scrapes and scratches. They are great value compared to the cost of a new unit.
Battery Options
1. SLA (sealed lead acid)
Weight: approx 24 lb.
Life: 150-200 charge/discharge cycles
We can supply wiring harness and charger.
Not sold by Par Caddy (acquire locally).
2. Lithium
Weight: 7.0 lb
Life: Rated by mfr at 2000 charge/discharge cycles
Includes bag, wiring harness and charger.
Lithium price: $425.00
3. Use your own 12V deep cycle battery if you have one. Unit requires approx 28-36 AH (amp hour) capacity. We can provide a battery bag and correct wiring harness for $20.00
Flat rate shipping service
Ontario, Quebec: $45.00
BC, Nfld: $75.00
AB, SK, MB, NB, NS, PEI: $65.00
Taxes - GST or HST according to your location.
Pick-up available by appointment in Barrie, Ontario.
With questions or to order call Mike at 705-770-2828